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Scams Related to New Medicare Cards

Mar 12, 2018 4:28:01 PM / by Brian Summerville

Brian Summerville

Beginning in April 2018, Medicare will issue new cards to all Medicare recipients.  According to Medicare, the new cards will be sent automatically, so you won't need to do anything.Medicare cards, new and old

HOWEVER, Scammers are working hard on Medicare scams and will try and use this change to their advantage.  And unfortunately, someone you know might fall victim to a medicare card scam.

Tips on scams using your Medicare cards:

  1. The is NO cost for the new cards.  If you're asked to pay a fee to expedite or process shipment of your new card, it's a SCAM!
  2. Medicare will never call, email or text you to ask for your personal information.  If you get a communication asking for your infomation, it's a SCAM!
  3. Medicare will not call, email or text you to discuss your "new benefits" or find out if you've received your new card.  Medicare benefits are not changing due to the new cards being sent out.
  4. If someone calls, emails, or texts you and claims your Medicare benefits are going to be canceled unless you pay a fee to "activate" your card, it's a SCAM!
  5. Medicare does not accept any payments in the form of gift cards, credit cards, or money wires. If someone asks you to send them money, its's a SCAM!

For more information on how to protect yourself from potential scammers, or, if you received something that is bothering you, please feel free to reach out to us at St Louis Insurance Group.  We are here to help keep your peace of mind through retirement! 


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Brian Summerville

Written by Brian Summerville

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