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SilverSneakers offers so much more than treadmills and weights

Oct 25, 2017 4:29:20 PM / by Stephanie Pogue

Stephanie Pogue

If you are familiar with the SilverSneakers fitness program, you know you can go to any participating gym or fitness facility for free. You’ll have access to treadmills, weights, equipment and classes. That alone is an amazing benefit considering it doesn’t cost you anything.

silver sneakers However, don’t think of SilverSneakers as a gym membership only. It can also be used as a social benefit. So many of my clients are looking for a way to get out of the house and meet new people but aren’t sure where to go. Your community center or local YMCA is perfect for that. You can expand your circle of friends and enjoy new social activities.

You may meet new people while you’re walking at the YMCA or maybe you find people you enjoy while attending a yoga class at your local gym. Many community centers also offer social events like group hiking or biking trips, dance classes, etc.

If you are like many of my clients and watch your grandchildren during the day, taking them to a community center to enjoy the pool is great way to get them out of the house for a little activity. The cost for them would be minimal since you are a member through your SilverSneakers benefit.

You can also take advantage of different meetings and speakers for free. Topics may include wellness programs like how to live with diabetes or how to help minimize lower back pain as well as estate planning or Medicare planning meetings.

The SilverSneakers website as well as the community center and fitness websites offer extensive online libraries of wellness articles and other resources too.

This is not only a physical fitness benefit but a social benefit as well. To see if your local community center participates go to

If you want to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan that offers fitness benefits, contact us to review your options.

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Stephanie Pogue

Written by Stephanie Pogue

Stephanie has been primarily helping seniors and retirees with their healthcare decisions since 1995. In addition, she has recruited and trained agents, developed and promoted managers, and ranked in the Top 3% of Sales Managers at Bankers Life & Casualty while she was there. She is now the Director of the St. Louis Insurance Group and can be reached by email at