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What makes Medicare Select Plans different?

Jan 17, 2019 11:43:00 AM / by Stephanie Pogue

Stephanie Pogue

A Medicare Select Plan is a Medicare Supplement plan with one variation. 

Under most Supplemental plans, you have the option to see any provider or go to any hospital you choose as long as they accept Medicare.  Under a Select Plan, you are restricted to a certain network of hospitals and doctors. If you receive services outside of that network, you are responsible for the cost of the care.

It’s important to note, this is not an HMO or Medicare Advantage Plan.  This is a variation of a Medicare Supplement Plan and follows the same standardized coverage guidelines.

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The perk to this type of plan is that the premium is lower than the other Supplemental plans. In some areas, the primary hospital and physician network is covered under the Select Plan and it makes sense to have. Remember, services received outside of the network are not covered.

Not all companies offer Medicare Select plans. Companies also do not have to offer all of the Plans A through N with the Select option.

Read the fine print carefully with this type of plan.

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Stephanie Pogue

Written by Stephanie Pogue

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